14 positions of a sleeping cat: what do they mean?

14 positions of a sleeping cat: what do they mean?

Cats are capable of sleeping in improbable positions. They make us laugh so much that it is not uncommon to find them in photos on social networks! However, the way we sleep is an indicator of the physical and mental state of our little feline. Do you know the translation of this body language? Decoding of 14 Sleeping Positions for Cats. You will never look at your pet sleeping the same way again!

1 – The classic ball

The ball is the most classic position. The animal is rolled up on itself, it rests on its side and its head joins the tail. The cat can thus conserve its body heat, especially when it is cool. Indeed, the surface of the body exposed to the air is reduced. In addition, its vital organs are protected, which gives a feeling of security to the little feline. A cat sleeping in this position is usually relaxed…

2 – The adorable exposed belly

This type of position often amuses owners. It is tough to resist kisses on the belly, but be careful, even if it is tempting, it is strongly advised not to wake a sleeping cat! He is very relaxed, confident, and serene when he adopts this position. The belly is a vulnerable area, if he exposes it, he is comfortable with you and at home! It is also the way to cool down when the temperatures rise because the heat escapes largely through the belly. If your cat regularly adopts this position, you can be reassured, he feels good and happy!

3 – The peaceful panther

Our cats are predators. Like the elegant panther, they like to lie astride a branch with their four legs hanging down. This can be on an armchair armrest, a guardrail or a stair banister. In the last two cases, there is a risk of falling, remember to secure the area! For cats that go out, this happens on a branch where they stretch out at full length! This way, they avoid any muscle tension.

This position reflects great self-confidence and calm vigilance. He sleeps, but keeps a light watch, ready to pounce at the slightest noise of prey. He thus satisfies his instinct which consists of perching and peacefully observing his territory from a height.

4 – Paws in front of the eyes

They make us melt when they cross their little front paws over their face! This is often a sign of fatigue. To sleep better, your cat blocks the light in front of his eyes. Even if he is adorable and arouses a frantic desire for kisses, this is not the time to wake him up! His sleep is then light and he has especially Needed to recharge. It’s tiring, these intense moments of grooming, eating and playing! You have to be a cat to understand it!

5 – The sphynx (or cat bread, meatloaf)

The cat is lying down, with its front and back legs folded under its body and its tail tucked in. Its head is raised. Seen from behind, it also resembles a roast chicken, especially if it is golden or red because its hips rise to a point on the side! The sleep is light. This is the position of a short nap. It allows you to react quickly if necessary, because you just have to lift the body, and presto! They’re on their feet!

It’s a comfortable position that helps maintain warmth because the body is little exposed to ambient air.

6 – Like a baby on his human

Our cat can snuggle up to us to sleep like a baby. It is particularly moving. Many of us then no longer dare to move or speak, to postpone what we want to do, so much do we fear waking our feline. It is of course a position of trust which reflects the importance of the bond that unites us with our animal. He seeks our warmth and the sound of our heartbeats. Sometimes, he synchronizes his breathing with ours and addresses his purrs directly to us from heart to heart.

To note: Some cats don’t like to come on their humans or snuggle. This doesn’t mean they haven’t established a strong emotional bond. They just weren’t used to it when they were puppies or had a bad experience that caused an aversion. Sometimes it can be a matter of the cat’s personality.

7 – Like the Barbapapa adapted to the shape of the cardboard

No matter the size of the box… and the size of the cat! This animal is a real Barbapapa, one of those characters from the 1970s who can change shape to meet their needs! Cats like to feel contained, and confined. It reassures them, a bit like when they were kittens in their mother’s womb or like human babies who were swaddled in the past. Sometimes, the animal hides in a circle in the box. But it becomes funny when it follows the right angle of a corner without it seeming to bother it in the least! The cat then seeks security, sometimes warmth.

8 – Hidden under a cushion or the duvet

If he hides from time to time, there is no need to worry. On the other hand, if it suddenly becomes systematic, make an appointment with the vet. This can be a sign of suffering. When it is occasional, it is a sign that he is looking for warmth and security, shelter. He may also want to protect himself from the light to sleep better, like when he puts his paws in front of his eyes. Sometimes, it is also a game, especially in curious and mischievous kittens.

9 – “Tangled” with another cat or dog

When your cat sleeps snuggled up against another cat or dog, tangled up, it’s very touching and it can end up in photos on social networks! No doubt, he appreciates his playmate. He is in trust in his presence. He seeks to share his comfort, his warmth and to show his affection. This position also reflects a strong social bond between your furballs the result of intense and positive interactions. Cats adopt this posture more often during cool periods. Sometimes, when they wake up, they can even indulge in allogrooming, which consists of licking each other. Seeing your animals sleeping like this can reassure you, that you have succeeded in the introductions and the cohabitation between animals is going well! It’s harmony in the house!

10 – Shrunken at the bottom of a cupboard or drawer

Your cat curls up in a small space such as a drawer or a cupboard. What could be softer than freshly ironed and washed linen to curl up in (and deposit a few hairs on!)? As under the cushion and the duvet, if it is systematic and new, check that your cat is not suffering from any ailment. On the other hand, if it is in his habits and not at every nap, it just shows that he looking for a quiet, comfortable and gentle place to rest away from the hustle and bustle of humans. He also feels protected and warm in his cocoon. This behavior is also the legacy of his wild ancestors when he had to hide to escape predators or prepare to hunt. Choosing a dark, enclosed area also helps him block out light, which improves the quality of his sleep.

11 – Lying on the side like a human

The cat lies on its side, with its legs and body fully extended, its head to the side, just like us! When it chooses this way of sleeping, often on the bed, sofa or carpet, it feels serene and safe. He can then be in a state of deep sleep and dream. This is a sign of trust towards his humans and his home. He releases all tensions. If he starts shaking all over his body, don’t worry, he is entering REM sleep and that’s great!

12 – Superhero in flight (or Superman)

Sometimes cats stretch their legs completely, the front ones… in front and the back ones, way behind! They remind us of the famous hero Superman, hence the name of the position. They sleep like this when they are hot, to cool down. This maximizes the body surface against the ground, which is even more effective on tiles. In general, a cat lies down like this for a good long sleep. It feels safe because its vital organs are well protected.

13 – Like a funny otter (or sea lion)

It’s even funnier when the cat is black or dark gray because it reminds you of an otter or a sea lion if you look at it from behind. It spreads its hind legs out to the side so that its hindquarters are completely flattened. The front legs are stretched out in front.

This position reflects a state of extreme relaxation. The animal fully stretches its muscles, especially in the back and hind legs. It feels good and confident. It can also choose to sleep like this to cool off on the tiles. It is relaxed enough to enjoy its rest but ready to get up quickly if necessary.

14 – Cat sleeping while sitting

The cat is sitting with its eyes closed. This usually means that it is tired, but does not want to engage in a long nap, because it is waiting for something (its meal, for example). In nature, cats sometimes sleep sitting to stay alert and be able to pounce at any time. This is the position of a short break for a light nap.

Whether curled up, belly in the air, or bottom on the ground in an otter position, each way of sleeping gives you information about the internal state of your cat. And at home, how do your little felines sleep? What are their favorite positions? Tell us in the comments!